We at UK Risk Ltd are a team with extensive experience in Fire Safety, who you can trust to find and provide the appropriate solution for you.

Our Fire Risk Assessors are all appropriately qualified and are all ex. Fire Service. Our assessors maintain membership of the IFSM, IFPO and/or the IFE. Our director Ian Hall is a Chartered Member of CABE and serves on the Executive Council of the IFPO as Chairman of the Fire Risk Assessors Register and is one of only 10 “Full Commercial Assessors” registered on their professional register

Our Passive Fire Surveyors are trained by the Fire Protection Association and are all CFPA-E Passive Fire Protection Officers.

Fire Safety Services

What Is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection products are built into the fabric of a building, providing protection to the occupants that often goes unnoticed. This protection could be installed under floors, above false ceilings and in riser cupboards. We install these stopping products to limit the spread of fire, by containing it to its area of origin. By compartmentalising a fire it gives people in other parts of the building time to escape, and limits damage to the building

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

How a building is managed and maintained is crucial to maintaining the buildings fire strategy throughout its lifetime.

Day to day wear and tear, maintenance works and general remedial works can interfere, damage or disturb the passive fire protection installed as part of the buildings construction.

Not maintaining the passive fire protection within the building will impact on the integrity of the building and its ability to perform as it should do within a fire.

Our experienced team of Passive Fire Protection Officers (CFPA-E) will survey the compartmentation within your building and provide a comprehensive report via Stopster Software.

Fire Risk Assessments

Our Fire Risk Assessments are based on the regulations not what we want to sell! The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) came into effect in October 2006 and replaced over 70 pieces of fire safety law. The FSO applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales, including the common parts of blocks of flats and houses in multiple occupations (HMOs)

What does a Fire Risk Assessment involve?

There are five key steps in a Fire Risk Assessment:

1. Identify fire hazards – eg, how could a fire start? what could burn?

2. Consider the people who may be a risk – eg, employees, visitors to the premises, and anyone who may be particularly vulnerable such as children, the elderly and disabled people.

3. Evaluate and act – think about what you have found in steps 1 and 2 and remove and reduce any risks to protect people and premises.

4. Record, plan & train – keep a record of what risks you identified and what actions you have taken to reduce or remove them. Make a clear plan of how to prevent fires and, should a fire start, you will keep people safe. Make sure your staff know what to do in the event of a fire and if necessary that they are trained for their roles.

5. Review – regularly review your risk assessment to ensure it remains up to date and reflects and changes that may have occurred.

UK Risk can help you through this and our ex fire service assessors will find creative and cost effective solutions for issues that may arise during your assessment.

Fire Safety Training

We offer a comprehensive online e learning portal. This includes the following fire safety courses:

Basic Fire Safety Awareness only £10 + vat

Basic Fire Safety Awareness  for Care Homes only £10 + vat

Fire Extinguishers only £10 + vat

Fire Marshall only £15 + vat

Fire Marshal for Care Homes only £17.50 + vat

Other courses are available in many subjects including Health & Safety, Health & Social Care, Business Skills, Mental Health & Wellbeing and Hospitality.

E learning Suite

Fire Safety Consultancy

We offer consultancy services during the initial stages of a project right through to the conclusion. Our Fire Safety Consultants have a wealth of experience in Approved Document B, BS9999 & BS9991. We have assisted on many building projects. We can also assist if you are under enforcement by the local authority. Our Consultants will liaise with the fire service and work out a plan for compliance.

Fire Door Surveys

Fire door surveys involve the application of a defined set of protocols/inspection/survey checks to determine the condition of an existing fire door. Remediation and repair solutions are provided to bring the fire door back to its original condition. A detailed report is provided for each door inspected. Our fire door inspectors have the appropriate knowledge, training and experience to apply these checks.

Ongoing Fire Safety Advice

At UK Risk we are able to provide expert, cost efficient fire safety advice to ensure you remain compliant and safe.

As a customer we will continue to provide you with advice via email for any fire safety issues that arise while you remain a customer.

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